Event Calendar

February & March: Mas Dominik, Dominica’s Carnival

Taking place over the course of two days before Lent begins, Mas Dominik brings together African and French Traditions. A variety of celebrations are held during the month leading up to Lent including pageants and parades. This culminates on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, known as “Jump Up”, when islanders take to the streets in Roseau and other villages for music, dancing and masquerading.

May : Dominica Festival of Arts

A celebration of Dominica’s arts and culture featuring dance performances, music concerts, plays and traditional games

Mid May : Jazz’n Creole Festival

A event which is a fusion of jazz and creole music alongside food and cultural events, held at Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park.

July : Dive Fest

A series of events over the course of ten days including different dives suitable for all divers, a family fun day, dining events and whale watching excursions.

Early August : Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair

A three day event featuring poetry readings, storytelling, interviews, a book fair and workshops.

Late October : World Creole Music Festival

A three day celebration of Creole music and culture featuring performers from across the Caribbean, Africa and North Africa.