Red Rock, Batibou Beach and the Chaudiere Pool

We will spend a couple of hours exploring the beautiful Red Rocks. Close to Calibishie this secluded sandy bay is a delightful area for sunbathing, swimming and exploring the rocks at the edge of the bay. We then drive to the nearby village of Bense for a leisurely half hour walk along the trail to the Chaudiere Fall and its magnificent pool. This is a great time to take a refreshing bathe after your swim at Batibou Beach. This tour will take 5 hours.

Carib Territory, L’Escalier Tete Chien and the Emerald Pool

A visit to the Carib Territory is a chance to visit the indigenous Caribbean people and watch them making their renowned baskets which are the most authentic souvenirs you can take home from the Caribbean. Baskets can be purchased from the many stalls and shops in the Carib villages or can be made to order for collection approximately a week later. L’escalier Tete Chien or the Snakes Staircase is an exciting short scramble over crystalline volcanic rocks that have formed a natural staircase to the powerful Atlantic Ocean. The Emerald Pool is a short walk through the Rain Forest: the natural pool at the base of the waterfall is an excellent place to swim. This tour will take all day.

The Twin Falls and Jacko Fall

After an hour and 15 minutes drive from Calibishie we stop and take a hike into the beautiful rainforest to the Twin Falls, which are also called Spanny’s Waterfall. It takes about 20 minutes to meet the first fall and another five minutes to the second one. After that you have the opportunity to stop at Jacko Fall, which is just a ten minutes walk. From there you have the choice to either go to Layou River, which is our longest river on the island and gives you the opportunity to jump into the cold water or relax in a hot pool. Or we go back through the Carib Territory, to visit the indigenous Caribbean people and shop some authentic souvenirs. This tour will take all day.

Indian River and Cabrits National Park

After a drive to Portsmouth we reach the Cabrits National Park, where you can visit the newly restored old Fort Shirley and enjoy the peaceful forest walks. From there i will take you to the Indian River National Park, where a trained river guide will row you up the river explaining about the flora and fauna of this protected natural resort. This tour will take 4 hours.

Ocean Drive

I will take you on a beautiful Ocean Drive from Calibishie, off the main road up to three different villages, called Tibou, Vielle Case and Pennville. Going through this villages, we stop at some beautiful sites and you get so see a cold sulphur spring on a short 15 minutes walk. On a clear day you also get to overlook the french countries Marie Galante, Guadeloupe and Les Saintes. On our way to Portsmouth you get a chance to stop on a beautiful white sand beach, to jump into the water. If you are doing this tour on a Saturday, you also have the possibility to stop on the market in Portsmouth , shop fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and beef, and get to meet the locals. This tour will take most of the day.

Marie Galante and Fishing

We go on a fishing boat to a small french country, which is the closest to us, called Marie Galante. On this island you get to visit the market, the church and the beautiful white sand beaches. It also gives you the opportunity to sample some of the special drinks, made in the country by sugar cane and visit one of the beautiful restaurants, serving french cuisine. On our way to this island we have a chance to do about half an hour fishing, to catch some Dorade, King Fish or Tuna, if we are on a lucky day. This tour will take all day.

Victoria Falls

A two hour drive which passes through the Rain Forest or along the coastal road followed by half an hour’s scramble up the White River, crossing the water five times, takes you to the dramatic Victoria Falls. The Fall is coming from the Valley of Desolation and the outflow of the Boiling Lake, that’s why the river is called White River. You can bathe in the pool that the cascading water has created. This tour can be completed by returning home through the villages in the south of the island, through the capital Roseau and via a choice of routes back to Calibishie. This tour will take all day. This tour requires a change of clothes, because you might get wet crossing the river.

Sari-Sari Falls

This tour follows the same plan as the previous tour to Victoria Falls as both are on the East Coast. We can continue your tour by returning via the villages to the south of the island or for the energetic we can also visit both falls on the same day. The walk to the Sari-Sari Falls starts along a path through a banana farm and then along the rain forest and up the river valley and across the river. The crystal clear pool at the bottom of the falls offers yet another opportunity for a cool, refreshing bathe. This tour will take all day.

Trafalgar Falls, Wotten Waven, Sulphur Springs and the Botanical Garden

This tour is an excellent opportunity to experience several examples of Dominica’s volcanic activity and is an interesting alternative for those who do not want to walk to Boiling Lake. The spectacular twin Trafalgar Falls offer an opportunity to bathe at the bottom of the “mother” fall. At Wotten Waven you can see hot springs bubbling and steaming along the river bed and it gives you the opportunity to take a bath in the healing warm sulphur and mud pools. On the drive back from Wotten Waven we stop in Roseau at the Botanical Garden. This tour will take all day.

Freshwater Lake, Middleham Falls and Roseau

After a drive from Calibishie, we visit the beautiful Freshwater lake in the Village of Laudat, on of the highest Villages in Dominica. From there we take a short drive and a hike to Middleham Falls, which are the tallest waterfalls in Dominica and cascade into a clear round pool in the forest. The water flows into several smaller pools just ready for you to explore and take a refreshing bathe as an end to the walk up from the village of Laudat. We will explore Roseau where you can shop for crafts, souvenirs and groceries. This tour will take all day.

Wale Watching

On our drive to Roseau we stop at Jacko Falls, to take a 10 minutes walk to the waterfall. Then we head down to Roseau, where you can visit the beautiful Botanical Garden and take a drive up on Morne Bruce, where get to overlook the whole city of Roseau, the Capitol of Dominica. If there is still time you have the chance to do some shopping in Roseau, before you have to be on the boat at 2:00 pm. The ride on the boat gives you the chance to see dolphins and whales. This tour will take all day.

Round the Island Tour

This day long tour takes you south along the coastal villages through the Carib Territory, the Rain Forest and along the coast again to Grand Bay, then into Roseau, north along the west coast to Portsmouth and then home to Calibishie. You will stop at many popular sites, like Emerald Pool, for taking photographs and enjoying the dramatic Dominican scenery. A reservation for a special meal in a restaurant along our route can be made in advance. This tour will take all day.